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  We make moulds for interior and exterior parts. Like, Pillar Trims, Garnishes, Instrumental panel child parts (clusters, Central fascia, Glove Box, steering column cover, storage box), Door Trims, Bumper parts, Console, Under bonnet parts ( Fan shroud, Cylinder head cover, Engine cover ) Expansion tank and Air filter parts, Seating parts, HVAC parts etc. 

Our team involve into the functional requirements of parts in assemblies and take care the critical aspects like Fitments, Parting lines, Surface Finish and Aesthetics. Mold designing is done with at most care to ensure critical movements  of sliding parts are made easy to work on molding cycles and as well for easy maintenance.

All the techniques, we use are time tested and proven to ensure an un-interrupted quality parts production. The aspects related to Mould and moulded parts handling of are well thought at the beginning of project.


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